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Lake Champlain: Documentary

Lake Champlain is a famous place in Burlington, Vermont. Hundreds species of fish and different types of birds live in the lake. The significance of Lake Champlain is more than just an attraction to the local residents.

Samuel Champlain founded the lake in 1609 and later on, the lake was named after this man’s name. But, Samuel was not the first man to discover the lake though.

Many nations obtained the lake before long and throughout history, the lake was used for wars and battles. Before European touched the lake, it was already obtained by the Native Americans. During the Revolutionary war, the Lake Champlain was used as a passageway that connected the Hudson and St. Lawrence river. In 1812 war, the lake was used too during the battle between America and Great Britain.

During the late 1990s, the lake was recognized as a great lake. In this time of modernity, Lake Champlain is used as a tourist attraction. People travel from all over other places to enjoy the view of Lake Champlain. And, there are many things and recreational activities that you can enjoy within the lake such as boating, tubing, canoeing, fishing, etc. During the winter, when everything is freezing, people can still enjoy the lake by skating, ice fishing and playing hockey.

But just like everything that has a positives and negatives, so do Lake Champlain. As time goes by, Lake Champlain was attacked by blue green algae, making it polluted and unclean. Other species invaded the lake too. The blue green algae comes out during summer and it causes irritation to human body and other sickness. As a result, some people sell their houses that are located near the lake. Also, a part of the lake on which more than 50, 000 people visit has now been visited rarely by only less 5000 people due to the attack of blue green algae.

But above all, Lake Champlain is still great!