Burlington is a perfect destination!

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Travel Guide

If you are an adventurer, give an eye to Burlington and you will surely see what is real beauty in nature. Here are the places recommended for your visit

1. City of Burlington

This city is not just a city where you see tall buildings, dim and strong lights because this city is alive like the lake Champlain around it. With people whom you can meet while walking during the night, you can always join with them.

Burlington Beach Park

Near the city, you can always go for beach rentals and enjoy the water in Burlington. There are restaurant around it where you can taste Burlington cuisine. During the summer, the beach park is filled with local and tourists.

Burlington Mountain

This is truly a great place for hiking and camping. There are many things to do in the mountain with your friends. Mountain climbing is very familiar with travelers but there is something beyond mountain climbing in Vermont. This place is in Underhill, not Burlington.

Lake Champlain

This lake makes the place so cool to live in and you can also spend your time during the night watching the reflection of the heavenly bodies in the lake.

Botanical Garden

This garden is one of the most great work that Burlington has created. Gardens with their stunning plants make you feel fresh making you realize how beautiful a place is when filled with beautiful plants of different colors.

Stoweflake Hot Air Balloon Festival

During the summer, hot air balloon festival is held by Mountain  Resort Spa. This is truly amazing when we play during the summer.