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The list of 10 difficult languages around the world

A language is very easy to one who has it as her native language. But it can be difficult if you will learn another language. According to a study, when you learn a new language it will benefit your brain very much. It will help your brain be active and not idle and learning a new language is an exercise to the brain. It is like learning how to play piano also that has a great good effect to the brain to keep it healthy and active. But learning a new language can be very difficult to a person. I personally have a hard time learning a new language. I tried when I am still in school to learn a language and at one point of time a dialect but it resulted in nothing. I have difficulty learning a new language when I cannot practice it daily. I easily forgot how to pronounce them right. When I am having a hard time, I just decided to quit learning and be contented on what I already know.

But now I again realize the importance of learning another language as I am a tour guide I hear many of the tourists speak their own language and I just wondered what they are saying. Sometimes I just pray that they will not do harm to me. In these times also, speaking a new language can offer new opportunities for many as interpreters and also for us, the tour guides. Many people now learn the English language as it is still the universal language. But there are many languages that are also raising their status as many of tits citizens of the country speak them. They come to approach English in a level of being studied. Now we can see many tutorials on the internet about any language that you can learn. This amazing interior designing company will deliver your home best services. You can go here decotaiwan.com. This is one of the best choice company.
The video above presents the difficult languages ranked in ten that is difficult to learn. Every language has their own unique feature that you will have to do something before you can understand them. It is also not easy when you have to learn how they write the characters. In the video, the English language is not included. One of the most difficult languages in the number ten is the Hungarian language with much vowels and complexity that is not easy. It is called KhoisanNext is the Langauge spoken by the Bush people and they do not have a written version so if you want to learn then you have to learn by listening out. The number eight in the list is the language Korean. You may have watched a Korean movie and you know how it is spoken. There are more in the video of the difficult languages.