Burlington is a perfect destination!

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Burlington, Vermont!

 Charming in beauty, welcome to Burlington, Vermont! The city of Burlington is the largest city of Vermont state in the United States of America.

Get in to the place via car, bus, plane, ferry and train. Enjoy the walk while looking at the stunning sceneries especially during sunset. In fact, the city boasts of its sunset view. It is so romantic and you will realize that this place is a breathtaking place to visit. Experience and witness some street performances by violists and dancers.

Also, to complete your visit, do not forget to join the celebration of the annual festival of the city. It includes the winter carnival (usually done in February), first night (December 1), KeyBank Vermont city marathon, Festivals of fools, independence day fireworks, etc.

The city harbors great museums and galleries. Should not miss the University of Vermont’s Eclectic Fleming Museum, and explore nearby downtowns that are adorned with lots of galleries.


Burlington is a friendly city. It is rich of art scenes, great shopping places, restaurants (where unique and delicious menus are served), and much more. It is as well renowned for its cultural amenities and strength in the arts. It is more than a typical city. Enjoy to do biking , hiking, skiing and theater. The city provides hikable mountains for beginners, experts, children and adults. Burlington is a bike-friendly city too. There are lots of bike lanes where you could enjoy biking. More so bicycles, rollerblades, kayaks, and sailboats are all available for rent. 

It is more fun in Burlington, Vermont!